Multifunctional Digital TRMS Power Meter

Multifunctional Digital TRMS Power Meter Model KM 6300

Features :
• Measurement of Current, Voltage, Active, Reactive and Apparent Power, Power factor, Line Frequency, Active & Reactive Energy, Harmonic, & Maximum Demand.
( 54 parameters ).
• High - brightness LED display
• High accuracy up to 0.25 %
• Programmable adjustment for current and voltage transformers ratio
• With RS 485 or RS 232 output
• Neutral current can be indicated
• Dual relay contacts for energy or alarm output
• Setting protected by password
• Memory of all setting value and energy data over ten years.
• Outside dimension compatible for DIN standard 144 x 144 mm
• Optional Harmonic Display
• Optional Dual current loop output.
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