Split type ground resistance on-line detector

Split type ground resistance on-line detector

1680 C

Product Description :
On-line monitoring of loop grounding resistance and metal loop coupling resistance, and grounding condition monitoring.

Product Features :
1. Split Type, no need to disconnect the grounding down conductor, easy to install, non-contact measurement technology, safe and reliable.
2. The grounding down conductor directly passes through the detector perforation, which does not affect the lighting protection grounding effect and the normal operation of the facility.
3. The detector with an audible and visual alarm. KM 1680C with LCD that can be installed and used independently.You can observe the grounding resistance value at any time & set the alarm value.

5. With RS485 interface, network system can be set up to realize remote real-time monitoring.

Technical Specification :
Data Display 4 digit LCD direct indication or doing secondly development Software to display
LCD Display 47mm x 28.5mm
Overflow Indication When show value is beyond 200° , system software and LCD shows “OLΩ” sign
Alarm indication Detector sound and light alarm, system software alarm indication
Alarm Setting Detector panel setting, System software settings
Resistance Range Range: 0.01Ω ~ 200Ω; Resolution: 0.001Ω
Accuracy ±2% Rdg ± 3dgt (20°C ± 5°C, Below 70%RH)
Grounding Wire size 60mm x 28mm
Installing Screw Hole Size 8mm
Connecting Line 1m wire (5 core wire)
Time For Single Measurement About 0.5 second
Explosion-proof mark Ex i all BT3 Ga.
Waterproof Level IP54
Dimension 132mm x 130mm x 76mm
Communication mode GPRS Communication, RS232 / RS485 / MODBUS-RTU communication protocol
Power Supply External power supply
Weight Approx. 1kg.
Accessories Detector, Hardware fixing screws, Flat steel compression screw, cable, manual.

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