Oxygen Gas Detector

Oxygen Gas Detector KM 5490

Special Features
• As it uses a high quality oxygen sensor, it is very precise and its performance is stable.
• It uses the advance technology design and has multiple functions.
• With highlight backlight display and acousto-optic alarming, it is easily configured.
• The in built temperature compensation makes the meter measure the correct value of oxygen in the environment temperature of -10 ~ 40°C.
• As its case is ergonomically designed, it looks elegant, and is easy to carry.

Electrcical Specifications
Measurement display : Displays 4 digit LCD
Measuring range : 0 25% (VOL)
Resolution : 0.1% (VOL)
Measurement error : ± 0.5%
Over measurement range display : "OL"
Alarming method : acousto-optic alarming
Working principle of the sensor : source cell sensor
The service life of the sensor : 2 years (it can then be replaced)
Operation temperature: -10 40 °C (14~104°F)
Operating humidity : 0~99% RH (relative humidity)
Storing temperature : 0~30°C (32~86°F)
Storing humidity : 20%~80% RH(relative humidity)
Power supply : 3x1.5VAAA alkaline batteries
Batteries service life : about 100 hours of continuous use (when the backlight is off).
Dimension : 172 x 51 x 26 (mm)
Weight : approx. 80gms.
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