Leakage Current Clampmeter


Technical Specifications
Function : Measurement of AC leakage current, AC Current upto 300A
Test Mode : Clip-on CT, Integral mode.
Display Mode : Four Digit LCD display.
LCD Dimension : 35mm x 21.5mm
Display Size : 32mm x 15mm
Jaw Size : 40mm
Sampling Rate : About 2 times/s
Range : 0.00mA ~300.0A (50/60Hz)
Resolution : 0.01mA
Measuring range : 30mA/300mA, 30A/300A
Line voltage : Line test under AC600V
Data Storage : 60 groups, "FU"symbol flickering means storage is full
Peak Hold : Peak value capture and hold function, press HOLD button continously to show peak value during the course of testing.
Data Hold : Display shows "DH" symbol.
Overload : Display shows "OL" symbol.
Battery Voltage : When battery voltage reduced to 2.5V ~ 2.7V, battery low voltage symbol will be displayed. At this time, measurement accuracy will decrease.
Power Consumption : about 5mW
Operating Temperature and Humidity : -0 °C ~ 40 °C : below 80% R.H.
Storage Temperature and Humidity : 10 °C~60 °C : below 70%rh
Insulation Strength : AC 2kV/rms (between core and box)
Auto Power Off : 5 minutes to reduce battery consumption.
Dimension : 64(W)mm x 160(H)mm x 23(T)mm
Weight : Approx. 120g (with battery)
Power : DC3V Button-type battery LR-44 x 2 or SR-44 x 2.
Applicable Safety Rules : IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, Pollution Degree 2, CAT III(600V)

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