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Non contact high voltage detector

277 HP

The 277 HP is an ideal tool for checking the presence of AC high voltages and AC low voltages in cables, wall outlet, fuses......etc. The 277 HP provides a non-contact detection for AC voltages from 50V~132kV. It's also for industrial, utility and mine safety applications.


• 2 ranges for selection (2 function buttons)
LOW : 50V ~ 1.5kV
Press the LOW button, 277HP is ready for
low voltage detection.
HIGH : 1.5kV ~ 132kV
Press the HIGH button, 277HP is ready for
high voltage detection.


• Power Consumption :
Off : Less than 5mA
Low Voltage detection mode : Less than 40mA
High Voltage detection mode : Less than 40mA

• Circuit Test Function :
Press the Test button to make
sure the whole circuit is working
well before testing actual high
voltage circuits.
• Optional Accessory :
Hot stick for 3 mtrs Model HSR 121 &
Hot stick for 5 mtrs Model HSR 122


• Operating temperature : 0°C~50°C
Power supply : Single 9V Alkaline battery.
• Accessories : User manual, Battery, Carry case.
• Dimensions : 318(L) x 75(W) x 71(D)mm
• Weight : Approx. 227g (battery included)

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