LCR meter

LCR meter

MODEL - KM 461

This LCR Meter handheld LCR is a portable hand-held measuring instrument for measuring the parameters of inductors, capacitors, resistors and other components. It is small with a 5V lithium battery, suitable for tabletype application.

This LCR Meter provides a resolution of four and a half digits for main parameters and a resolution of 0.0001 for secondary parameter. Its highest measurement frequency is 100kHz, and can measure the level of 0.6Vrms, and 0.3Vrms. Its automatic range can display the results in the fast, medium, or slow mode.

It can automatically select the appropriate measurement parameters according to the characteristics of the component. Its measurement accuracy can reach 0.2%. It combines the convenience of a handheld instrument and good performance of a table-type one.

The operation is simple, and users can see the test frequency, parameters, and speed by pressing the corresponding key; it also has the recording mode to take readings; the convenient operation of open and short circuit correction function helps improve the measurement accuracy.

The buzzer, automatic power off and languages can be set on the configuration menu. The standard instrument is equipped with remote communication function. The remote control and data acquisition are achieved by connecting it to the PC through Mini-USB cable for interface with customer's software.

General Specifications :
Testing frequency : 100Hz-100KHz adjustable, step from 1Hz
Basic accuracy : 0.2%
Electrolytic capacitor mode
DCR mode
Bias Voltage : 0-500mV can be adjustable, step from 1mV
Electric level : 0-0.7 adjustable
Display : 2.8 inches TET LCD
Digits display : Main parameter: 5 digits; auxiliary parameter: 5 digits

Measuring parameters :
Main parameter : L / C / R / Z
Auxiliary parameter : X/D/Q/Θ/ESR
Measuring Range : (L) 0-2000H, (C) 0-20mF, (R) 0-20M Ω
Measuring speed : 1 time/s (slow), 2 times/s (moderate), 4 times/s (fast)
Calibration function : Open circuit calibration, short circuit calibration
Filtering function : Limit scope 1%~50% can be set; 1%, 5%, 10%, 20% are the fix points
Errors measurement is use for comparing the percent errors between components and nominal value, meanwhile display
Others : Backlight luminance can be adjustable; USB device and auto power off can be set
Standard Accessories : Mini-USB cable; power adapter; short-circuit plate; plug made of red and black rubber; Lithium battery with large capacity
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