Digital Coating Tickness Gauge

Digital Coating Tickness GaugeModel KM 118 A

KM 118A is a portable, easy to use digital coating thickness gauge designed for simple one hand operation. Meter comes with Back-light LCD display, mm/mils user-selective and Auto Power Off (30 seconds approx.) function.
Features :
• Measures coating thickness on Ferrous base materials.
• Portability and simple one hand operation.
• Select the on-line display for one off MAX/MIN/MAX-MIN/AVG function.
• Fast one point calibration for frequent measuring thickness use.
• 2-point calibration for normal use
• Auto-power off.
• LED Back-light & LCD display Reverse for easy reading.
• Data logging function capacity up to 255 samples.
• Warning beeper triggers by Hi/Lo limit settings.
• µm/mils user-selective.
• Inch & Metric measurement options.
• Zeroing Plate & Standard Coating Plate.
• Attached with carrying strap.

General Specifications :
Detectable Substrate Material :
  Ferrous metal (iron, steel).
  Non-Ferrous metal (copper, aluminum, zinc, bronze, brass, etc.)

Thickness Range :
  0 ~ 2000mm for Ferrous
  0 ~ 1000mm for Non-Ferrous.

Display Resolution : 0.1mils/1mm.

  Ferrous :
  ±4dgts on 0 to 7.8mils ±(3%+4dgts) on 7.9mils to 39.0mils
  ±(5%+4dgts) on 39.1mils to 80mils ±10dgts on 0 to 199mm
  ±(3%+10dgts) on 200mm to 1000mm ±(5%+4dgts) on 1001mm to 1999mm

 Non-ferrous :
  ±4dgts on 0 to 7.8mils ±(3%+4dgts) on 7.9mils to 39.0mils
  ±10dgts on 0 to 199mm ±(3%+10dgts) on 200mm to 1000mm
  Response Time : 1 second

Operating Environment : 0ºC to 50ºC (32ºf to 122ºF) at < 75% RH
Relative Humidity : Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperature up to 60ºC decreasing linearly to 75% relative humidity at 50ºC
Storage Temperature : -20°C ~ 60°C (-4ºF to 140ºF), <80% R.H. (with battery removed)
Temperature Coefficient : Nominal 0.1 x (specified accuracy) / oC @ (<18oC or >28oC)
Stand by Consuming Current : < 6mA
Power Supply : Standard 1.5V AAA Size Battery X 2
Dimension : 105(H) x 55(W) x 27(D)mm
Weight : approx 80 g (including battery).

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