Cable Fault Locator

Cable Fault Locator KM-CFPL-612

This cable fault locator is designed for ease of use, portable, light weight and easy for carry. It take the time domain reflectometer (TDR) for measuring the exact fault location such as the broken line, cross faults, earthing, poor insulation and poor contact of the lead covered cables as well as plastic cables.

As you set proper wave velocity, just press Auto key, you will get the test result within 2 seconds. It is an effective tool to reduce troubleshooting time, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity of line maintenance staff. It also can be used in line projects acceptance and inspection of electrical cables.

Features :
• No test dead zone
• Fast test speed & accurate test distance
• Portable and easy to carry
• Large colorful LCD display
• Humanized operation interface; six function keys can do all the tests
• High-energy Li battery, continuous work 10 hours

General Specifications :
• Paulse Testing Method (TDR)
Pulse Test Range (m) : 8km (4,16,32 optional)
• Line Mix and Break Fault
• Auto & Manual Distance Test
• Wave shape Comparison
Test Result display mode : Wave Shape
• Test Result Record optional
VOP Adjusting Range : 100 ~ 300 m/ms
Test Dead Zone : 0m
Record Memory : Optional (200 groups to USB)
Data Port to PC : Optional
• Distance Test Accuracy less than equal to 1m.
Max Sampling Frequency (MHZ) : 100
Pulse Test Voltage (V) : Greater than equal to 30.
Working Temperature : -5°C to +40°C
USB storage (optional): Transmit wave form to U disk, and analyze the wave form on computer
• Power Supply : Lithiumion Battery.
Dimension : 200 x 90 x 43
• Weight : Approx 420g.
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