Temperature / Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Humidity Data Logger

Model KM 600NH

KM 600 -NH is a new temperature / temperature and humidity and data logger with internal Model KM 600NH sensor which is widely used in Cold - Chain Transportation Field, Hvac Refrigerator Field, Electrical Industry, Medical Industry, As Well As Laboratory Fields.

Features :
Up to 16000 data record point
Resolution :
Temperature : 0.1OC ; Humidity : 0.1%
USB port connect to PC to browse the recording data, and generation curve, export the file with TXT / excel / format.
Low power Indication. Real - time clock RTC, Auto dormancy and wake up function.
Maximum / Minimum display and alarm function
LCD Display : 43 x 33 (mm)
Sampling time Settable
Power supply : ER 14250 Lithium battery, 3.6 V
(1000 days at standby state 3 yrs continous on)
Dimension : 113(W) x 74(L) x 31(H) (mm)
Weight : 150g (with battery).
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