Relay Test Set, Secondary Injection Test Set

Phase Sequence Indicator


KUSAM-MECO RELAY TEST SET MODEL-KM-RTS is suitable for testing Protective device (Relay circuit breakers, Over load coils. It gives potential free start & stop signal. It is provided with Digital Ammeter, Voltmeter & time interval meter (Unitimer). The UniTimer automtically puts OFF the output, when timer reaches to its maximum value of the selected range to ensure safety of the instruments as well as the item under test. Wide range of measurement, i.e. From 0.001 second to 9999 secs. in four ranges.

AC/ DC Volt Output Continuously variable 0-230VAC
Capacity 150 VA (Max)
Time Measurement 09.999 Sec to 9999 Sec in four ranges
Measuring CT Multi ratio wound primary current transformer
Variable auto transformer The Current output will be cutoff incase of any overload or even if the relay under test actuated
Current Metering Digital Meter Basic Range : 0 1A/5A AC Scaled in 0 to 100% for all selected range Accuracy : 1.5% of FSD ;
Voltage Metering Digital Meter Basic Range : 0 300VDC
Accuracy : 1.5% of FSD


• Test lead set
• User Manual

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