Phase Sequence Indicator

Phase Sequence Indicator

Model KM 888PMR

This instrument represents the quickest and easiest way for servicing, repairing and electrical maintenance of 3 phase systems & 3 phase rotating machinery.

The KM 888PMR is a 3 phases Presence and Rotation Indicator combined with a 3 phases Motor Rotation Tester.

It can be utilized on a 3 Phases Powered System (the supply side) or on a Three Phases Unpowered Motor (the load side) without having to worry about damage to the tester.

When utilized on a Three Phases Unpowered Motor, the instrument is then utilized as a 3 Phases Motor Rotation Tester. When utilized on a 3 Phases Powered System, this instru-ment is a rotary field indication instrument which display all three phases by lighting up it’s corresponding lamp. It displays the rotation (clockwise or anti-clockwise) on a LED.

When utilized on a 3 Phases Unpowered Motor, it is also possible to determine the motor connections R, S, T without a live circuit to avoid subsequent damages of e.g. Pumps to reversed motor rotation. It displays the rotation (clock-wise or anti-clock-wise) on a LED.

Features :
• Indicates Phase Presence
• Indicates Phase Rotaton
• Indicates Motor Rotation / wiring
• Indicates Battery Status
• Phase Rotation & Motor Rotation
• Indication works from as low as 1 Vac.
• Small and rugged enclosure
• Color coded test Leads.
• Phase Presence Indication from as low as 100Vac.
• Very low consumption.
• Fused
• Lightweight, Robust & Compact.
• Works from 2Hz to 400Hz sine.
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