KM 888 PMR Phase Sequence Indicators, Phase Sequence Indicator, Mumbai, India

Phase Sequence Indicator

Model KM 888PMR

This instrument represents the quickest and easiest way for servicing, repairing and electrical maintenance of 3 phase systems & 3 phase rotating machinery.

The KM 888PMR is a 3 phases Presence and Rotation Indicator combined with a 3 phases Motor Rotation Tester.

It can be utilized on a 3 Phases Powered System (the supply side) or on a Three Phases Unpowered Motor (the load side) without having to worry about damage to the tester.

When utilized on a Three Phases Unpowered Motor, the instrument is then utilized as a 3 Phases Motor Rotation Tester. When utilized on a 3 Phases Powered System, this instru-ment is a rotary field indication instrument which display all three phases by lighting up it’s corresponding lamp. It displays the rotation (clockwise or anti-clockwise) on a LED.

When utilized on a 3 Phases Unpowered Motor, it is also possible to determine the motor connections R, S, T without a live circuit to avoid subsequent damages of e.g. Pumps to reversed motor rotation. It displays the rotation (clock-wise or anti-clock-wise) on a LED.

Features :
• Indicates Phase Presence
• Indicates Phase Rotaton
• Indicates Motor Rotation / wiring
• Indicates Battery Status
• Phase Rotation & Motor Rotation
• Indication works from as low as 1 Vac.
• Small and rugged enclosure
• Color coded test Leads.
• Phase Presence Indication from as low as 100Vac.
• Very low consumption.
• Fused
• Lightweight, Robust & Compact.
• Works from 2Hz to 400Hz sine.
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