24KV AC High Voltage Detector 24KV AC High Voltage Detector

Model 276HD

The detector detects the presence of voltage from 80V ~ 600V & 3KV ~ 24KV in AC lines. An elongated insulation rod permits checking of high tension circuits at safe distance for voltage. The equipment is compact, light weight, and easy to handle, and is also available for voltage detection in low-tension circuits.

Special Features
Telescopic, Compact, light-weight and handy
High-voltage detection :
The equipment, whether in stretched state is available for voltage detection in high-tension circuits (3.3kV, 6.6kV & 24KV) whether the wires involved are naked or insulated.
Low Voltage detection :
The equipment can be used for voltage detection in low-tension circuits (80V ~ 600V) by holding the nameplate portion of the detecting head. Before-use check can easily be done by plugging in an AC 100V plug socket, without using a tester.
Easy to recognize indication :
Intermittent lighting in red of a high intensity light-emitting diode and intermittent audible sound of an electronic buzzer are readily recognizable at a full daylight, noisy location.
Water proof : The detecting head, being tightly enclosed, is free from any trouble due to dust, dirt, water.

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