36.5 Kv / 81.5 Kv High Voltage Detector

High Voltage Detector

MODEL 230HD / 290HD
The detector detects high and extra high voltage in AC lines. An elongated insulated rod permits checking of high tension circuits at safe distance for live voltage. Also it is telescopic compact, light-weight, easy to use and handy.

Special Features
• Telescopic, Compact, light-weight, Easy to use.
• High-voltage detection in high tension circuits.
• Easy to recognize indications
  Intermittent lighting in RED of a high intensity light emitting diode and intermittent
  audible sound of an electronic buzzer are easy recognizable in full daylight,
  noisy location.
• Water proof
  The detecting head, being tightly enclosed, is free from any trouble due to dust, water.

General Specification
Display : Light : Flashing red light; Sound : intermittent sound 50dB apart 3m.
• Overall length :
  Model 230HD : Retracted : 893 ± 50mm ; Extracted : 1520 ± 50mm.
  Model 290HD : Retracted :1370 ± 50mm ; Extracted : 2450 ± 50mm.
• Operating Temperature : -10°C ~ 50°C
• Storage Temperature : -20°C ~ 60°C
• Construction : Water proof (detecting head impervious to water)
• Battery : 2 button cells Lr44 (1.5V)
• Weight : Model 230HD-Approx. 485g. Model 290HD - Approx. 590g.(including Battery)

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