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Dual Trace Oscilloscope, Dual Trace Oscilloscopes, KM 20-10 Dual Trace Oscilloscope, KM 20-20 Dual Trace Oscilloscope, Mumbai, India Dual Trace Oscilloscope, Dual Trace Oscilloscopes, KM 20-10 Dual Trace Oscilloscope, KM 20-20 Dual Trace Oscilloscope, Mumbai, India

                       DUAL TRACE OSCILLOSCOPE

                              MODEL - KM 20-10 / KM 20-20 DUAL TRACE OSCILLOSCOPE


These 20MHz Oscilloscope are dual- channel oscilloscope with maximum sensitivity of 1 mV/DIV. The time base provides a maximum sweep time of 0.2 mS/DIV. When magnified by 10, the sweep speed is 20nS/DIV. These oscilloscope employ a 6-inch rectangular type TOSHIBA cathode-ray tube with red internal graticule.
These oscilloscopes are sturdy, easy to operate and exhibit high operational reliability.


* High luminance, internal graticule Toshiba CRT

* Japanese electronic encoder, light handy and reliable
* Fully sealed long live vertical mode switch
* ALT Triggering Function. Two independent signals simultaneous observation.
* Triggering Level Lock Function, Automatic Synchronize Function.
* Built-in 6 Digit Frequency Counter.(*available in model KM - 20 - 20 )
* High intensity CRT with high acceleration voltage :
   The CRT is a high beam transmission, high intensity type with a high acceleration voltage of 2KV. It    displays clear readable traces even at high sweep speeds.
* The Oscilloscope has a trigger level lock function which makes the triggering adjustment     unnecessary.
* Alternate triggering :
   Even an observation of two waveforms of different frequencies, the waveform of the each channel is    stably triggered.
* TV sync triggering :
   The oscilloscope has a sync separator circuit for triggering of TV-V and TV-H signals.
* CHI Output :
   Terminated 50 Ω output of channel 1 signal available on rear panel for driving frequency counter or    other instruments.
* Z-Axis Input :
  Intensity modulation capability permits time or frequency markers to be added. Trace blank with   positive signal, TTL compatible.
* X-Y operation :
   Set the switch to X-Y. Then the instrument works as an X-Y oscilloscope. CH1 can be applied as    horizontal deflection (X-axis) while CH2 provide vertical deflection (Y-axis).

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