Digital Multifunction Insulation Resistance & Continuity Voltage Tester With MOV & Gas Arrester testing

Digital Multifunction Insulation Resistance


Special Features

• The "KUSAM-MECO" 1152MF has features for Insulation Resistance
  Testing, Polarisation Index measurement & Die electric absorption
  ratio measurement, Voltage (AC-DC) measurements with
  Automatic Hold facility, Continuity Test with a short circuit
  current of Minimum 200mA.
• Two very unique features are found on the Multifunction
  Mode l1152 MF, MOV and Gas Arrester testing.

• Today, most equipments and electrical installations are protected by MOVs and Gas arresters.
• The 1152MF can test these devices to establish if the devices are still operating correctly or not.
• Energy conservation is featured on all these new Advanced Products.
• EnerSave™ limits the test duration to about 10 Seconds to save energy.
• This new generation of test equipments have no moving parts. All calibration are saved internally in a non volatile memory.
• Calibration can be done at any calibration facility around the world, without the need for dedicated calibration equipment.
• This makes these products easier to maintain and lower the cost of Calibration and ownership.
• Their calibration interval can be extended without much problem.
• They comply to all the latest regulations, including UK 16 Edition.
• Meets IEC/EN 61010-1 CAT III 600V.

• Digital EE Calibration (No Potentiometers)
• Automatic Voltmeter AC/DC at Start / Reset.
• Off Push button (press more than 5 sec on 1kV key)
• MOV/protection devices test
• Polarization Index (PI) on 250, 500 and 1000V
• Battery test on 250, 500 and 1000V
• Voltmeter on request by keypad : Automatic
• Auto-Discharge on all Test and all ranges
• Continuity Open Circuit Voltage of 5V DC
• Buzzer ON/OFF by key : Always ON (225mA Typical)
• Test Auto-Stop.
• Nominal Voltage @ 1mA on all insulation Ranges.
• Re-programmable Microprocessor for Easy Updates.
• Insulation Ranges Insulation measurement from 2kΩ (250V range) to 8GΩ (1kV Range)
• Can be calibrated in ALL calibration laboratories
• Continuity from 0.01 Ω (220mA) to 1999Ω
• AC Voltmeter from 1 Vac to 700 Vac
• Smart Hold & stop on Voltmeter AC / DC.
• EnerSave™
• Keypad Operation
• On-Reset / Restart Key
• Auto-Off
• Test ON-OFF
• Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) on 250, 500 and 1000V
• Battery Test at switch ON / Reset
• Safety Voltmeter before each Test
• Continuity short Circuit current >220mA (225mA Typical)
• Nominal Voltage @ 1mA on all Insulation Ranges
• Leads Auto-Null key
• Can be calibrated in ALL calibration laboratories
• DC Votmeter from ± 1VDC to ± 950VDC
• Accept 8 rechargeable Batteries or Alkaline or Normal
• Gas Arrester Function

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