Digital Thermometer Single Input K-Type / Two Input K-Type / RTD Thermometer

Digital Thermometer Single Input

Model KM 936 / KM 945

This instrument is a portable 3½ digit, compact - sized Digital Thermometer designed to use external K-type thermocouple as temperature sensor. Temperature indication follows National Bureau of Standards and IEC 584 temperature / voltage tables for K - type thermocouple. RTD Thermometer is mainly using for monitoring high-precision temperature and measuring scopes. The thermometer can display changes among the three units : Kelvin, Fahrenheit and Centigrade, and it also has memory, reading the MAX and MIN values function.

Specifications KM936 / KM945 :
Display: 3½ digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with maximum reading of 1999.
Displays T1, T2 & T1-T2 Temperature. (KM945).
Battery : Standard 9V battery( NEDA 1604, IEC 6F22)
Power Consumption : Approx,DC 3.8mA (typical)
Dimension : 149 (H) x 71 (W) x 41 (D) mm.
Weight : Approx, 200g (including battery).
Supplied probe :
KM936 : 1 No. type “K” thermocouple bead probe (Teflon tape insulated) 4 feet long.
KM945 : 2 Nos. type “K” thermocouple bead probe (Teflon tape insulated) 4 feet long.
• Maximum Insulation temperature 260°C (500°F).
• Probe accuracy ±2.2°C or ±0.75 % of 0.75% of reading
(whichever is greater) from 0°C to 800°C

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