Digital Sound Level Meter

Digital Sound Level Meter

Model KM 8080MK-1

The appearance design of digital sound level meter is novel, small & portable. The digital sound level meter is applicable for measurement of noise engineering, quality control, health prevention & various environmental noise, including noise measurement in such various places as factories, offices, transporting routes, families, stereo equipment and other places.


• Sound level measurement (dBA).
• MIN/MAX/Lock current value
• Recording upto 20,000 records data.
• Hold the measurement data.
• Manual / auto shutoff.
• Backlight LCD Display
• Backlight alarming.

Measuring Range : 30~130dBA
Accuracy : ±1.5dB
Frequency Response : 31.5Hz ~ 8KHz
Frequency Weighting : A Weighting
Resolution : 0.1dB
Working Temperature and Humidity : 0 ~ 40°C, 10-80%RH
Storage Temperature and Humidity : -10 ~ 60°C, 0-90%RH
Power Supply : 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries
Weight : approx. 96.38g. (Excluding Battery)
Dimension : 56.1(L) x 177(W) x 36.03(H) mm

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