400A AC Digital Clampmeter

KM 1002 Digital Clampmeter has been designed & tested according to IEC publication 61010:Safety requirements for electronic measuring Apparatus. User Manual contains warnings & safety rules which must be observed by the user to ensure safe operation of the instrument & retain it in safe condition. Therefore read through these operating instructions before using the instrument.

Features :
• Safety design conforming to the IEC61010.
• Data hold switch for easy reading in dimly light or hard-to-read locations.
• Beeper permits easy continuity check.
• Provides a dynamic range of 4,000 counts full scale.
• Uses shrouded transformer jaws to further improve safety.
• Non-contact Voltage sensing.
• Data Hold & MAX Function.
• Auto Power Off.
• Diode & Continuity Test.

General Specifications
Display : 3½ Digit 1999 counts Liquid crystal display.
Low Battery Warning shown on the display.
Over range indication : "OL' is shown on the display.
Response time : Approx. 3 seconds.
Sample Rate : about 3 time per second
Temperature & Humidity for guaranteed Accuracy :
  23 ± 5 °C, relative humidity upto 85% without condensation.
Current consumption : approx. 1mA max.
Standards : IEC61010-1
Withstand Voltage : 3700V AC (RMS 40~50Hz)
  for 1 minute between electrical circuit & housing case.
Insulation Resistance : 10M or greater at 600V between electrical circuit & housing case.
Operating Temperature & Humidity : 0 °C ~ 40 °C; 85% R.H. without condensation.
Storage Temperature & Humidity : -20 °C~ 60 °C; 85% R.H. without condensation.
Power Supply : 2 AAA or DC 1.5V battery.
Dimension : 186(L) x 65(W) x 28.5(D)mm
Weight : approx. 166g. (including battery)
Accessories : Test lead, User Manual, Battery & Carrying case.

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