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Model KM CVD-11

• Using epoxy resin as materials, so it is ultra light, ultra high voltage, high strength.
• Applications : Used for testing the power frequency voltage on alternating high voltage line and electrical equipment. Function of audible and visual alarm on the safe side.
• Specification : 11 kV, 33 kV.
• Expansion joint : According to the test distance, adjust the expansion rod.
• Insulated rubber handle : Makes it safe to use.
• Function of audible and visual alarm to enhance safety.
• Necessary security tools for electrical system, industrial and mining enterprise electricity work.
• Used for testing lines or equipment whether running with power frequency voltage & ensures the personal safety of lineman.

• Safe and reliable
• High quality
• Ensure work safety
• Extension type, with fully self -check function.
• Sound and light alarm, stable and reliable.
• Strong anti-interference ability.
• Easy to operate
• Ultra-light, high strength

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