Ultrasonic thickness gauge

DC handheld resistance tester

KM 131D

Introduction :
The intelligent and hand-held ultrasonic thickness gauge is controlled by a microprocessor, which can measure thickness and sound speed of various materials quickly, accurately and without damage by ultrasonic measurement. This instrument is capable of accurate measurement for different materials or parts in industrial production, as well as monitoring pipelines and pressure vessels of production equipment, and corrosion degree of various parts in use. It can also be widely used in manufacturing, metal processing, commodity inspection and other testing areas. Any material that allows ultrasonic to transmit at a constant speed and that is distinguishable from waves reflected from the back side is applicable to this instrument.

Application :
The thickness of any good conductor for ultrasonic waves with top & bottom surfaces parallel to each other, like metal, plastic, ceramic & glass, can be measured with the instrument. For example : aluminum, copper, gold, resin, water, glycerin, etc. The internal particles of cast iron are too big for this instrument!

Electrical Specifications :
• Measuring range : 1.00〜225.0mm
• Data storage : 500
• Operation frequency : 5MHz
• Measurement error : ±(0.5%H+0.05)mm
• Lower limit of pipe measurement : Φ20x3mm (steel)
• Adjustment range of sound speed : 1000〜9999m/s
• Temperature range of operation : 0〜40℃
• Battery : 3 Ni-MH rechargeable batteries of 1.2V
• USB charging : 5V 1A
• Dimensions : 65x146x30mm
• Weight : 130G
• Probe : Measurement parameters

Accessories : Sensor 1pc., Coupling agent-1 bottle, Calibration block

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