Hart Multifunction Calibrator

Hart Multifunction Calibrator Model 26 / 26 H

Basic Features :
The multi-functional field process calibrator with high accuracy
and stability, which can provide powerful measurement or output
functions & other special functions to meet all the calibration
work for field process control.

Basic Feature For Input Measurement
The maximum accuracy can reach 0.01%, and the measurement
result is displayed in 5 digits. Measurement functions include:
DC voltage measurement, AC current measurement, Resistance measurement, RTD resistance measurement, Frequency, pulse counting, switching value measurement, pressure measurement, and pressure leakage etc. 2-wired, 3-wired and 4-wired resistance and RTD measurement

Quick response switch measurement allows capturing the process parameters in switch actions. Data processing function: data-hold, zero, ratio, average, max/min etc. Internal 24V loop power and measure loop current, internal optional 250 Ω HART loop resistance and loop power, easy to use HART communication device without carrying load resistance and power.

Basic Feature For Simulate Output
The maximum accuracy can reach 0.01%, and the measurement result is displayed in 6 digits. Output functions include: DC voltage, AC current, simulate Resistance, TC, RTD , simulate transmitter output, Frequency, pulse counting, switching value, pressure output etc. Increment or decrement in output setting and connection or disconnection of the output are both available, which are easily operated. DCI output can provide manual- step, auto-step and auto-ramping output. Internal 24V loop power is available.
— Measurement and output functions are designed as two separately isolated channels, and both the measurement function and the output function can be realized and display input measurement value and output setting value simultaneously.
— The meter can fulfill pressure calibration through serial RS-232 interface(LEMO plug) with the external VPM-S Series digital pressure module of our company. The basic accuracy for pressure module can reach 0.05%, and many different pressure unit are available in pressure calibration.
— The meter possesses HART communication function, supporting common HART commands and general application commands. Besides, the meter can read basic information of the calibrated instrument, facilitate diagnose test and undertake micro-adjustment of many calibrations of HART transmitter, and can store as many as twenty configuration files of HART device to make analysis by upper PC through utility software.
— The meter provides rich optional temperature graduation by internal temperature transmitter with high accuracy, and possesses TC
cold-compensation function with high accuracy, which can be set in connection state or disconnection state.

PC communication function
— The meter provides two ways to communicate with the user's upper PC and can communicate by the infrared isolated serial commutation module of the compatible USB interface.

— Supports SCPI commands of industrial standard, and can realize remote control of the meter by equipment driving software.

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