Portable Multi Gas Detector (Explosion Proof Grade )

Portable Multi Gas Detector Model - BX-616

• Natural diffusion sampling method and high-sensitivity sensor, with high sensitivity and repeatability.
• CSTN colorful LCD, large & clear.
• Compact design, easy carrying.
• High strength engineering plastics and compound
anti-slippery rubber; high strength, water-proof,
dust-proof and explosion-proof.
• Applicable to gas leakage underground tunnels, mines, pipelines etc.
• 100,000 records storage capacity including peak value.

Electrical Specifications
Detecting Gases : LEL, H2S, CO, O2
Gas sampling method : Natural diffusion
Flammable Gas, O2, CO, H2S : T90 <30s
Gas sensor type : Catalytic or electrochemical
Accuracy : ± 5% FS (LEL) / ±5ppm (toxic gas)
Response Time : ≤30s
Indication : LCD displays real-time and system status.
Charging time : ≤ 6h
Working time : 8h hours (without alarming)
Gas Sensor Life : 2 years
Explosion-proof grade : Exia II CT3
Protection Grade : IP66

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