Underground Cable Fault Locator

Underground Cable Fault Locator KM-CFPL-620

“KUSAM-MECO” underground Cable Fault Pre-locator is an automatic Cable Fault Locator which adopts ARM, FPGA & Dot Matrix Color LCD display Technology. This tester combines both pulse reflecting technology (TDR) & (intelligent Bridge testing (Bridge) (Model-KM-CFPL-620B) for measuring the exact fault location such as broken line, cross faults, earthing, (poor insulation & poor contact of the lead covered cables as well as plastic cables. (Model-KM-CFPL-620B)).

It is a microprocessor based fault locator with a user friendly menu. It is easy to operate. It tests almost all telecom & signal cables. It has an English menu which is easy to understand & use. With Megameter & Ohmmeter it enables to test insulation resistance & loop resistance. It has USB Port for uploading test data to computer

Features :
• Small size, light weight and ABS plastic housing which is ergronomically designed for easy use by user.
• Menu driven simple operation.
• Measurement maximum 8 km in selectable ranges.
• Tests any type of copper telecom and signal cables.
• Range, VOP and Gain are selected automatically.
• Color LCD Display (480 x 280 dots).
• Automatic testing mode.
• Pulse reflection (TDR) for open, short.
• Intelligent bridge (Bridge) testing for open, short, or low insulation cable faults. With mega meter it enables to test insulation resistance and loop resistance. (KM CFPL 620B)
• Six function keys and simple operation.
• Manual testing function is also available.
• With 4 GB USB Pen drive, it is easy to upload memory data to computer.
• Rechargeable lithium battery with intelligent charger
• Continued 8 hours operating time on internal battery.
• Rugged construction and easy to carry on site

General Specifications :
Display Readout : Color LCD : 480*280·
Continued operating time : 8 hours
Charging time : 3 hours
Power Supply : 7.4V Rechargeable Li-ion battery. Charging voltage 230V +/-10%, 50Hz, single phase.
Storage Temperature : -15°C ~ + 55°C; RH <85%RH.
Working Temperature : -15°C ~ + 55°C; RH <85%RH.
Dimension : 212 (L) × 170 (W) × 90 (H) mm (approx.)
Weight : 1.20 Kg Net (approx.)
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