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Vehicle Tracking System, Fleet Management, Measuring Instruments, Digital Multimeter, Tachometer, Mumbai, India Vehicle Tracking System, Fleet Management, Measuring Instruments, Digital Multimeter, Tachometer, Mumbai, India

                       VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM


General Description

"KUSAM-MECO"  KM-VTU-01 is suitable for many applications such as vehicle security, Fleet management, BPO's etc. With the superior sensitivity GPS module on broad, the "KUSAM-MECO" con easily get a fix even in Urban canyan condition, Unlimited number of vehicles can be tracked & six individual zones can be monitored at the same time on the same screen.

"KUSAM-MECO" KM-VTU-01 can track the vehicles using GPRS as well as SMS. SMS can be sent using panic button to pre-defined numbers in case of emergency from the vehicle.



1. Quad bands GSM module, suitable for most of the countries.
2. Four digital isolated inputs, static electricity free.
3. Three digital outputs with open collector, for breaking ignition circuit or the electricity to the fuel     pump.
4. One P/S/2 socket for connection to a Bar code scanner, the bar code is sent to server via GPRS     immediately when the scanner scans the bar code.
5. One RS232 socket is provided which can be connected to a printer, RFID reader, moving      messages etc.
6. A 4-key remote controller (optional) has ARM Disarm, SOS & Car finding keys.
7. Power chord & all output pins are protected by auto recovery fuse individually.
8. A 950 mAH backup battery is attached.
9. One USB port to connect to PC for setting parameters, down loading log data.
10. SIM Card Tray.

1. Real Time Tracking
2. Event Notification.
3. Historical Path data log.
4. Towing Alert.
5. Over Speed Alert
6. Accumulating Journey Distance.
7. Geo-fencing.
8. Immobilization of vehicle from remote location.
9. Report Generation.
10. Update program on the AIR.
11. Report data with export to Excel facility.
12. Report Data of last 21 days can be viewed on line.
13. Event Report Generation (overspeeding, Alarm)
14. Historical path can be viewed for lst 21 days.


    • Bank Vehicles
    • Emergency Vehicles (Ambulance / Police / Fire Brigade)
    • Private Taxi Services
    • Public Transport Systems
    • Logistics
    • Fleet Management
    • Individual Vehicle Monitoring
    • BPO - Drop & Pickup.
    • School Buses


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