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Single Phase Power Clamp Meter, Single Phase Power Clamp Meters, KM 2740 Power Clamp Meter, Harmonics Analyzer, Mumbai, India Single Phase Power Clamp Meter, Single Phase Power Clamp Meters, KM 2740 Power Clamp Meter, Harmonics Analyzer, Mumbai, India


                         MODEL - KM 2740 SINGLE PHASE POWER CLAMP METER


* Light Weight & Stylish ; 45mm Large jaws opening
* 1000A AC Clamp-on + Multimeter ranges
* 600V AC/DC input protection on all functions
* AC True RMS voltage and current functions
* + Dual display Power Factor (PF) & A-Lags-V Phase-Shift indication.
* Automatic selection of DCV, ACV & ACA measurements (Auto V.A)
* Fast PEAK-rms Hold (65ms to 90%) for In-rush ACA & ACV readings
* PC-Comm (optical isolated PC interface capability)
* Software kit for Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP (optional purchase)
* Data HOLD
* 5Hz ~ 500Hz line Frequency measurements
* DCV & ACV 0.1V to 600.0V
* ACA 0.01A to 1000A non-invasive current measurements
* Ohm 0.1Ω to 999.9Ω
* Fast Audible Continuity
* Battery cover with Probe holders
* Rugged Fire-retarded casing; Soft carrying pouch
* Transient Protection 6KV 1.2/50µs lightning Surge.
* LVD EN61010-2-032 CAT III 600V
* EMC EN61326(1997/1998A1) / EN61000-4-2(1995/2000A2) / EN61000-4-3(2002)

Voltage function : 6000 counts LCD display,
Power, Ohm & Hz functions : 9999 counts LCD display. ACA clamp-on function : 4000 counts LCD display.
Power function
2 per second nominal. Voltage, ACA clamp-on & Ohm functions : 2 per second nominal
Hz function
1 per second nominal
Update Rate : Power Function : 2 per second nominal.
Voltage, ACA clamp on & Ohm Function : 2 per second nominal.
Hz Function : 1 per second nominal.
Low Battery Indication   Below approx. 2.4V
Operating Temperature
0oC to 40oC
Relative Humidity
Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperature up to 31°C decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C.
Storage Temperature
-20oC to 60oC, <80%R.H. (With battery removed)
Temperature Coefficient
Nominal 0.15 x (specified accuracy) /oC @ (0oC -18oC or 28oC - 40oC), or otherwise specified.
Operating below 2000m
True RMS sensing
Power Supply
Standard 1.5V AAA Size (NEDA 24A or IEC LR03) battery x 2
Power Consumption
Voltage, ACA, Hz & Power functions : 11mA typical
Ohm function : 5.5mA typical
APO Timing
Idle for 30 minutes
APO Consumption
4 µA typical
(L)224mm x (W)78mm X (H)40mm.
Weight : 224gm approx.
Jaw Opening & Conductor diameter
45mm max
Special Features :   AutoVATM (Auto selection on ACV, DCV or ACA functions); selectable Power parameters of W, VAR & VA ; Display Hold; PEAK-rms HOLD; PC-Comm computer interface capabilities.
Test Leads (pair), batteries installed, User’s manual & Soft Carrying case.
Optional Accessories
PC interface kit (including BA-1xx optical adapter back, BC-100R cable & software CD)
Meets IEC61010-2-032(2002)EN61010-2-032(2002), UL61010B-2-032(2003)
Measurement Category
CAT III 600Volts AC & DC
Transient protection
6.5KV(1.2/50µs Surge)
Pollution Degree
Meets EN61326 (1997,1998/A1), EN61000-4-2 (1995,2000/A2), & EN61000-4-3 (2002)
In an RF Field of 3V/m : Total Accuracy = Specified accuracy + 50digits
Performance above 3V/m is not specified.


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