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Calibrator, 4½ Diigit Bench Top Instrument Calibrator, KM CAL 09 Bench Top Instrument Calibrator, Mumbai, India Calibrator, 4½ Diigit Bench Top Instrument Calibrator, KM CAL 09 Bench Top Instrument Calibrator, Mumbai, India


                                MODEL - KM CAL 09 BENCH TOP INSTRUMENT CALIBRATOR


Model-KM-CAL-09 Multimeter Test Calibrator is a Test Instrument for AC / DC Voltage and AC/DC Current with 5 digits bright LED display. The Resistance output has 22 levels.
The Test Instrument, mainly used for testing and calibrating various instruments which have DC accuracy level below 0.5 and AC accuracy level below 1, is widely used for the quality testing, measuring and instrument servicing in Electronic manufacturing Enterprises, Scientific Research Institutes, Railway, and Electric Power etc.

The Instrument is suitable to working in the environment with the surrounding temperature 0~±40°C, and the relative humidity below 80%. The power supply is 220V ± 2V [ If it can not meet the requirement, it is suggested to equip with fast acting AC Voltage stabilizer], and the power supply Frequency is 50Hz ± 2.5Hz.

* Output Frequency : 400Hz ± 4 Hz, 60 Hz ± 0.6 Hz, 50 Hz ± 0.5 Hz
* Waveform distortion : < 0.5%
­* Ripple coefficient : < 1%
* Stability : After the test instrument is preheated for 1 hour, the output drift at DC                     5V will be less than 0.05% of the full scale value in 5 minutes; If the                     power supply change is ± 10%, the output Value change will be                     less than 0.05% of the full scale Value.
* External dimensions L x B x H: 510 x 430 x 160mm (Approx).
* Weight : 20kg (Approx).


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