Combustible Gas Detector, Model KM 5550 Gas Leak Detectors, Mumbai, India

Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Model - KM 5550

• Audible ticker signal & visual leak size indicator.
• Adjustable sensitivity, fast warm-up.
• Goose neck probe.

General Specifications
Detection :
Methane (LNG,CNG), Ethane, Propane, Butane,
Acetone, Alcohol, Ammonia, Steam, Gasoline, Jet Fuel,
Hydrogen Solvents, Lacquer Thinner, Naphtha.
Sensor : Planar semiconductor.
Warm up time : <30 seconds.
Sensitivity : adjustable, as low as 5ppm (gasoline).
Alarm mode : Sound, light.
Length of Probe : 23cm / 9M
Operating Temperature & Humidity : 0°C ~ 50°C with 90%RH.
Power Supply : 1.5V AAA battery.
Weight : approx. 240g.
Dimension : 171 x 43 x 38 mm.
Accessories : Instruction Manual, Battery & Carrying Case.

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